Design Review Services

The Master Declaration of Covenants (Covenants) for the Aurora Highlands CAB require that a homeowner receive approval from the Design Review Committee (DRC) PRIOR to the installation of any improvements.  The intent of the DRC is to reflect the overarching landscape themes of the community while allowing for individual homeowners to tailor their yards for individual needs and taste. However, minimum City of Aurora standards in the Landscape Reference Manual are still required to be met.

The Rules and Regulations provide residential design standards and guidelines to assist homeowners with basic information about the community and its design standards, rules, use restrictions and procedures. The CAB intends for these Rules and Regulations to help homeowners to:

  1. Identify best practices for improving their properties

  2. Prepare design submittals and receive timely reviews

  3.  Assist with enforcement matters

Depending on the improvement, the Landscape Application or the Architectural Improvements Application and any associated documents must be submitted in writing by email, fax, or hard copy to the management company.

The DRC shall decide each request for approval within 30 days after the submission of a complete application. If the DRC fails to decide within 30 days, then such request shall be deemed to have been denied. After the improvement has been completed, the applicant must provide a notice of completion to the DRC.


The DRC may grant variances or adjustments from any conditions and restrictions subject to the limits of the Covenants. Information on variance requests can be found in section 1.9 of the Rules and Regulations.

If the DRC disapproves any part of the request submitted or denies a request for a variance, the homeowner may, within thirty (30) days after the DRC's disapproval, deemed disapproval, or denial, make a written appeal request for a hearing before the CAB by submitting the CAB Hearing Request Form