Covenant Enforcement Services

The Covenants also assign the CAB responsibility to establish the Enforcement Committee to provide covenant enforcement services. The Enforcement Committee is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Governing Documents, and has the right to:

  1. Accept complaints for violations of the Governing Documents

  2. Submit complaints regarding Violations of the Governing Documents

  3. Inspect the Property for Violations of the Governing Documents

  4. Issue various notices to Owners regarding the Governing Documents

  5. Provide all ministerial administration and enforcement of the Governing Documents.


In addition, the DRC may submit Notices of Noncompliance to the Enforcement Committee for further action.

Any homeowner receiving a Notice of Alleged Violation who has not corrected or cured the violation within the permitted time is entitled to an opportunity for a hearing. The homeowner must complete and submit the Enforcement Committee Hearing Request Form within ten (10) days after receiving the Notice of Alleged Violation.

More information on the covenant enforcement process can be found in Article 4 of the Rule and Regulations